Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Me Fav Poem - Ahna

You loved me for a little,
who could not love me long;
You gave me wings of gladness,
and lent my spirit song.

You loved me for an hour,
but only with your eyes;
Your lips I could not capture,
by storm or by surprise.

Your mouth that I remember,
with rush of sudden pain;
As One remembers starlight,
or roses after rain.

Out of a world of laughter,
suddenly I am sad;
Day and night it haunts me,
the kiss I never had.


EEJA said...

Love that poem!

EEJA said...

It looks like EEJA is talking to itself, LOL!!!
I guess leaving comments isn't going to work.

Ahna :)

StudioBijou said...

ooh, that is so lovely. I think I will add and post one of mine!