Friday, March 23, 2007

Special Update by

Well peoples - this is good, this is very-very good. There's a magazine called Lapidary Journal, it's been around for 60 years and in June will be called Jewelry Arts. From me sending in a Press Release last week and my portfolio to another magazine where that editor sent my information to an editor for Lapidary Journal - I was asked to do a step by step tutorial for their magazine. Guys - this is huge for me. I'm so honored to have been chosen to do this and at the same time I'm excited and a bit nervous too. Luckily, there is no deadline so I can take my time on the project... and what a project it will be. I am recreating this pendant and will have to write out each and every step as well as photograph it along the way. Thank goodness I studied photography! At the end of the article, I get to write a short bio with a mug shot and a link to my web site. Let's celebrate!! :)


jill Q said...

That is just so fantastic! You deserve it . . . way to go!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they are going to pay you and send you several free copies of their journal, otherwise, it is a pity to spend all this time and effort to improve their sales and just get a link to your site.
Journalists do get $$$ for every article.

fredcat said...

It is a stunning piece and I will look forward to reading the article. Congratulations!